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Insurance Condition and Valuation Surveys

This inspection is performed so that the insurance company can determine whether or not the vessel is an acceptable risk.  It is used to inform the buyer of possible repairs or missing equipment on a vessel prior to its purchase. They are interested in structural integrity and safety for it’s intended use; most insurance companies require a survey on older boats, although it’s ALWAYS recommended to get this type of survey, whether it’s an old or new boat. Included in this report are the current market and replacement value, which are critical for insurance.


  • Inspection of the vessel “where she lays”. In her slip or hauled out, either is ok, sea trials are not usually required.
  • Survey scope & general vessel information.
  • Exterior hull inspection – visual.
  • Top deck and superstructure inspection – visual.
  • Interior and bilge inspection – visual.
  • Machinery space inspection – visual.
  • Helm & navigation electronics inspection.
  • Steering inspection.
  • Propulsion inspection – if possible, vessel needs to be in water.
  • Safety equipment inspection.
  • Electrical inspection.
  • Plumbing inspections.
  • There will be recommendations and notes on all findings. An easy to read list will include all unsatisfactory findings.
  • Current market value, based on BUC and similar vessel/location research.
  • Replacement value.
  • The report will be emailed to the client as soon as it’s complete. A hard copy w/seal will be sent to client as well.

Additional copies are always available.

  • We will provide follow up with insurance companies and financial institutions regarding any of our findings, if they have questions.

An insurance survey is a limited form of survey that is intended to assist insurance underwriters in making underwriting decisions. The survey has two primary purposes: (1) to identify the vessel, its equipment, condition and general value, and (2) to identify defects, damages or hazardous conditions that pose a potential threat to the safety of the vessel and its passengers, or any other such condition that is likely to result in loss or damage.

Insurance surveys can also serve as an appropriate format when lending institutions request “appraisals.” While there is no commonly accepted format for anyone who requests an appraisal, but the insurance survey format fills this purpose quite well.


This is the most comprehensive type of inspection and is strongly advised when purchasing a new or used vessel. Condition and the overall operation of the vessel should be examined. This includes such items as structural integrity, out of water inspection, sea trial electrical systems, propulsion system, fuel system, machinery, navigation, on board systems, cosmetic appearance, electronics and overall maintenance. It’s s a complete inspection of the vessel in the water, out of the water and during a sea trial.


  •  In water inspection – I’ll inspect the vessel alongside a dock or pier, making sure she sits on her designed waterline

and for anything that could be cause for concern.

  • Out of water inspection – I’ll inspect all below waterline hull and gear. Haul out must be arranged by vessel owner / purchaser.

Fee’s for haul out are separate from survey fee’s and are due to the marina where haul out occurs.

  • Sea trial – I’ll verify vessel performs as designed. All systems will be checked to verify operation. Client needs to arrange to have person familiar with vessel and local waters, or  a captain available for the sea trial.
  • Moisture Meter readings – random checks for moisture in the hull and superstructure will be conducted at all common problem areas and

any other areas that I suspect may have high moisture content.

  • Survey scope & general vessel information.
  • Exterior hull inspection.
  • Deck & superstructure inspection.
  • Interior & bilge inspection.
  • Machinery space inspection.
  • Helm & navigation electronics inspection.
  • Steering system inspection.
  • Propulsion inspection. (vessel needs to be in water for this to be accurate).
  • Safety equipment inspection.
  • Electrical inspection.
  • Plumbing inspection.
  • Trailer inspection, if applicable.
  • Inspection of any tenders, toys etc… that will be part the purchase
  • Current market value, based  on BUC and similar vessel/location research.
  • Replacement value.

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Professional Testimonials

My wife and I purchased a 90″ Satu and needed a Yacht delivery service to transport her from Newport to San Francisco. From the first contact with captain John Soria we were so pleased we found him. He came down to the boat inspected her for free for over 7 hours. He gave us a quote which was fantastic in comparison with other competing Captains. We received a list from Captain John of references, ranging from Yacht brokers, underwriters, multiple previous clients all of which had the greatest comments about U.S. Marine surveyors. Additionally, the offer marine surveys, marine mechanics, vessel documentation, they truly are a one stop shop for the yachting community. We were by far most impressed by captain John’s skills in piloting this large vessel. We highly recommend U.S. Marine Surveyors Inc. Captain John Soria and Maria.

Dennis A.
Dennis A.Link to Review

Well, what can I say about U.S. Marine Surveyors?… Very Professional! Captain John Soria and his assistant Maria provided me with great customer service. I am very happy that I was able to find an honest company that really cares about their customers. The boat that I had them surveyed turned out to be a flop… but that is okay because they saved me thousands of dollars. I mean the boat looked pristine but thanks to the knowledge of Captain John, he was able to run a compression check on both engines. Turns out both engines had low compression, Captain John had me watch every step of the way. I felt like I was back in school.. haha. Now I’m looking at another potential boat and of course U.S. Marine Surveyors will be conducting my survey. I have a feeling this is the one!

Joe P.
Joe P.Link to Review

Well, I cannot say enough about Captain John and Maria. I hired US Marine Surveyors to survey an 86′ yacht in intended on purchasing. First off, I sold my house in Diamond Bar to purchase my “dream yacht” so I intended on doing my due diligence and research. I asked several yacht brokers and marina shipyards and US Marine Surveyors kept coming up. From the very beginning I was treated like royalty. Every step of the way I felt important, informed, each and every question I had was well answered. The survey took approximately 8 hours, it is a huge yacht with very complicated systems. The survey was completed within the “72” hours as promised. Sent the survey to Boat US and had no problem insuring her for 1.8 million. I also hired Captain John to do the yacht delivery from San Diego to Marina Del Rey. Let me tell you what an amazing Captain, he handled her like she was no bigger than a dingy. I have since become rather close to Captain John and Maria, every time I have a question or concern I call Captain John who has never failed to either give me the right answer or connect me with someone who does. If you’re looking for a great marine surveyor’s company I highly recommend US Marine Surveyors

Sean M.
Sean M.Link to Review

Had my Caribbean 35 Flybridge cruiser surveyed by U.S. Marine Surveyors. Everyone on staff was very friendly and made the process easy for me. I highly recommend this company, especially because Captain John Soria has so much knowledge. He explained everything to me and made it easy to understand! If you need a boat survey contact U.S. Marine Surveyors… you won’t be dissapointed.

Robert L.
Robert L.

Captain John is quick and professional. I couldn’t have asked for better service! I’ve used him for every boat I’m looking to buy. Highly recommended

Todd T.
Todd T.Boat Owner

Hands down the best service in Southern California! As an engineer, John knows his boats. The most thorough, inclusive surveys I’ve seen on the market

Edward Riener
Edward RienerEd Riener Diving Company

Awesome, John went way beyond the call of duty, truly exceeded my expectations, I recommend U.S. Marine Surveyors to anyone who needs their boat surveyed, or is intending to buy a boat. Great Job John, Thank you for caring!!

Carrie T.Link to Review

Such a great experience working with Captain John! He found us the perfect boat in great condition for a great price! Every step of the way, he was right there to answer every question and help with every need!

 Carrie Dunsworth-T.
Carrie Dunsworth-T.


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