You spend big money on a boat, gas, storage, docking, maintenance, equipment, insurance, repairs, and countless other expenses when it come to owning a boat.  Yet the ONLY category where you can actually use the adjective, “invest”, instead of spend, when comes to boating, is participating in some sort of on the water training, and education. Unfortunately, it is the leading category where owners “skimp”!  Penny wise and pound foolish??  Would you let your kids drive a car without formal on the road training and education??  An “adult,” new boat owner, for example, without professional boating lessons, is far more dangerous to themselves, their passengers, and other boaters, than a 16 year old learning to drive a car!  Something to think about as you read on.

Two kids in the bow of a motorboat acting out a scene from the movie

Two kids in the bow of a motorboat acting out a scene from the movie “Titanic”.

Prerequisites for participation:

-You MUST have a boat

-100% trust in your instructor (i.e. asking questions welcome, second guessers need not apply)

-Willingness and ability to be “coached” and or, taught.  Put your type “A” personality (if it applies) aside.  There is only room for 1 Captain on a boat, and that’s mine until you graduate.

-Full commitment and desire to learn a professional approach to recreational boating

-And yes, a financial investment is required if you want to learn a safe professional approach to recreational boating

If you meet these above prerequisites, then don’t learn the hard way, learn the safe way with the BOATING PROFESSOR!

These private boating lessons are designed to teach the basics of recreational boating using your boat as the classroom.  From DOCKING and BOAT HANDLING, to mastering MARINE WEATHER, private boating lessons can not only be a more effective learning process than taking public courses, it can compliment and refresh what you have learned in the classroom and apply it to your vessel! Overall, they can make your boating experiences safer, professional, and gratifying for everyone involved.

MMX DiscoverBoating LP

Design a private boating lesson program that fits your needs and schedule.
-If your NEW TO BOATING, these private boating lessons are perfect for getting started and feeling comfortable on your own vessel.
-If you are AN EXPERIENCED BOATER, taking some targeted lessons is a great intervention in overcoming pride, stubbornness, bad habits, and just plain arrogance, which are rampant in the recreational boating world.  Just being honest people.  In that context you are your own worst enemy. Needless to say, these are my most difficult students to both “win over” and teach.  Targeted lessons expand your knowledge and break “bad habits” that you didn’t know were bad.  You will notice the results.  In my 28 years of being a professional mariner, I’ve come to realize that you never stop learning!  That includes yours truly.