This is the most comprehensive type of inspection and is strongly advised when purchasing a new or used vessel. Condition and the overall operation of the vessel should be examined. This includes such items as structural integrity, out of water inspection, sea trial electrical systems, propulsion system, fuel system, machinery, navigation, on board systems, cosmetic appearance, electronics and overall maintenance. It’s s a complete inspection of the vessel in the water, out of the water and during a sea trial.


  •  In water inspection – I’ll inspect the vessel alongside a dock or pier, making sure she sits on her designed waterline

and for anything that could be cause for concern.

  • Out of water inspection – I’ll inspect all below waterline hull and gear. Haul out must be arranged by vessel owner / purchaser.

Fee’s for haul out are separate from survey fee’s and are due to the marina where haul out occurs.

  • Sea trial – I’ll verify vessel performs as designed. All systems will be checked to verify operation. Client needs to arrange to have person familiar with vessel and local waters, or  a captain available for the sea trial.
  • Moisture Meter readings – random checks for moisture in the hull and superstructure will be conducted at all common problem areas and

any other areas that I suspect may have high moisture content.

  • Survey scope & general vessel information.
  • Exterior hull inspection.
  • Deck & superstructure inspection.
  • Interior & bilge inspection.
  • Machinery space inspection.
  • Helm & navigation electronics inspection.
  • Steering system inspection.
  • Propulsion inspection. (vessel needs to be in water for this to be accurate).
  • Safety equipment inspection.
  • Electrical inspection.
  • Plumbing inspection.
  • Trailer inspection, if applicable.
  • Inspection of any tenders, toys etc… that will be part the purchase
  • Current market value, based  on BUC and similar vessel/location research.
  • Replacement value.